Our Fragrances


The Lemon Aid Originals signature LEMON fragrance is bursting with zing! Select our bright, cheerful LEMON candles and enjoy the benefits of this energising and uplifting scent, renowned for improving mood and clarity of thought.


This sublime fragrance combination pairs energising lemon with calming lavender. Our LEMON & LAVENDER candle scent is both invigorating and soothing. Yes please!


The scent of sweet, ripe pears with a hint of cinnamon and clove. What a gorgeous combination! You'll love the rich and luxurious ambience our creamy PEAR fragranced candles add to your home.


Known to relieve anxiety and lessen the symptoms of headaches and migraine, our APPLE candles smell just like an apple orchard.
Pure, fresh apple in a candle = pure goodness. 


The subtle scent of a Lemon Aid Originals COCONUT & LIME candle will transport your mind to a tropical island paradise. Combining the soothing scent of coconut with a dash of purifying lime oil, our COCONUT & LIME candles will carry you away.

Just close your eyes and you'll swear you can hear the waves lapping at sandy shores.


Our sweetest smelling candle fragrance, STRAWBERRY, evokes feelings of pure happiness. Choose a Lemon Aid Originals STRAWBERRY candle and allow the fragrance to infuse your home with serenity and joy.


Immerse yourself in the romantic and intoxicating fragrance of pure rose. Widely used for centuries in meditation and prayer, it's not surprising that our ROSE candles are such a popular choice.    

"A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare


The juicy, zesty scent of freshly cut oranges helps calm anxiety and increase energy levels. Select a Lemon Aid Originals ORANGE candle and invite the sunshine into your home. 


The rich, sweet aroma of pure VANILLA balanced with refreshing ORANGE
is a subtle fragrance of pure comfort.