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Lemon Aid Originals

Coconut & Lime

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The subtle scent of a Lemon Aid Originals COCONUT & LIME candle will transport your mind to a tropical island paradise. Combining the soothing scent of coconut with a dash of purifying lime oil, our COCONUT & LIME candles will carry you away... Just close your eyes and you'll swear you can hear the waves lapping at sandy shores.

Hand poured, pure soy wax candle decorated with our unique COCONUT & LIME “candle topper”.

Approx 20+ burning hours
Height with lid = 88mm
Widest Diameter = 71mm
Approx 40+ burning hours
Height with lid = 94mm
Widest diameter = 87mm
Approx 60+ burning hours
Height with lid = 113mm
Widest diameter = 105mm