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Lemon Aid Originals

Dragon's Blood

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An ancient scent with an alarming name, Dragon's Blood is the the name given to the resin found in Draconis Palms and other species native to areas including Morocco and the Canary Islands.  For centuries, Dragon's Blood was traded widely along the Mediterranean, Oriental and African trade routes in the form of incense and was commonly used in medicines and dyes.

This sensual fragrance makes the perfect bedside candle ;)

Hand poured soy wax candle, decorated with red twill weave jute.

Approx 20+ burning hours
Height with lid = 88mm
Widest Diameter = 71mm
Approx 40+ burning hours
Height with lid = 94mm
Widest diameter = 87mm
Approx 60+ burning hours
Height with lid = 113mm
Widest diameter = 105mm